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Finally gave ImageMagick Engine some love

The wordpress plugin ImageMagick Engine finally got some love. Developed back in the days and still going strong in terms of downloads and usage in the WordPress community. Fun to do some clean-up and review an older project so it can be used in the future.

Ă– taken down for new platform

My platform need som love and will be released on a new platform. Not much content was created last year. I still want the platform and will be releasing a new version in the future.

Mz Imagecreator still going strong

It's really fun to see that MZ Imagecreator is still going strong. During 2018 over 1,100 vistors used the service and the images created have been requested over 12,000,000 times during the year.

Some of my sideprojects.

Convert A Color

Made a simple and beautiful converter between color formats.

Try converting a color

ImageMagick Engine

Dramatically improve the quality of re-sized images by making WordPress use ImageMagick instead of standard GD image library.

View on WP plugin repo

MZ Imagecreator

Really old tool for ManagerZone to create images of players in the game.

Create a player image

Winga Motorseglare

A fan site for these fantastic boats.